Carnegie Mellon University
M.A. in Rhetoric

Master of Arts in Rhetoric

The M.A. in Rhetoric is a one-year program that prepares you for specialized doctoral study in many areas. Our collaborative and interdisciplinary atmosphere invites you to explore your interests in rhetorical studies and expand your options as you chart a path for your career. Our attention to recent research advances as well as to traditional concerns, together with our interdisciplinary flexibility, makes the M.A. in Rhetoric at Carnegie Mellon the ideal place to discover the rich possibilities of Rhetoric.

The outstanding interdisciplinary preparation in rhetoric and composition opens the door to continuing work in Ph.D. programs in Rhetoric and Composition across the country and a foundation for work in education and communication generally.

The M.A. Rhetoric program is open to both part-time and full-time students.

Work Closely with Distinguished Faculty

Carnegie Mellon’s English Department is home to a number of distinguished scholars with a variety of disciplinary strengths. Among these are rhetorical, cognitive, and linguistic theory, discourse analysis, technology and literacy, composition research and pedagogy, rhetoric and culture, multimodal communication, workplace communication and community literacy, and the history of rhetoric. Our rhetoric faculty is among the largest anywhere, yet we admit only a small group of M.A. students each year. This means that our M.A. students work intensively in close collegial relationships with a faculty mentor, including opportunities to participate in research projects.

Explore Your Interests in a Diverse Intellectual Environment

The Master of Arts in Rhetoric is distinctive in its diverse, multi-methodological approaches to rhetorical research and pedagogy. The methods of not only rhetorical analysis, but of linguistics, psychology, philosophy, literary theory, and history reveal the social and intellectual drama of creating and comprehending discourse, the principal focus of rhetorical studies at Carnegie Mellon. With this grounding in a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches comes a wide range of research questions you will be prepared to explore.

Expand Your Knowledge with Carnegie Mellon’s Interdisciplinary Community

The Master of Arts in Rhetoric’s interdisciplinary strengths include student and faculty diversity and the broad resources of the Carnegie Mellon community. You will be able to take courses across programs in the English Department and in other departments. Students have the opportunity to work with the English Department's distinguished faculty in Literary and Cultural Studies and with faculty members in history, anthropology, design, psychology, sociology, and computer science. The faculty members in our renowned creative writing program are also available to work with graduate students in rhetoric on relevant projects.