Carnegie Mellon University

Gizelle Sherwood

Gizelle Sherwood

Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Labs, Chemistry

  • Doherty Hall 3304
  • 412-268-3783


2008     Ph.D. in Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University


Educational Interests

My teaching focuses on the freshman and sophomore year of college; where strong foundational knowledge is necessary. I encourage students to fully engage and participate in a more active approach to learning by incorporating traditional teaching methods as well as novel electronic based methods by use of current teaching technologies. In both the lecture and laboratory based courses, students are provided with real- world applications and are given hands on experience to promote both visual and kinesthetic learning.

Additionally, I am a strong proponent for outreach programs that foster community relations with the University. I work alongside the Gelfand center, Pittsburgh Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) and the Boy Scouts of America to develop outreach programs in chemistry for K through 12.


Years Position
2014–present Assistant Teaching Professor of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University
2009–2014 Special Lecturer in Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University

Awards and Distinctions

Years Award
2021 PITF Fellowship Recipient
2020 Julius Ashkin Teaching Award
2009 Carnegie Mellon Panhellenic Role Model Award
2008 Bayer- NOBCChE Advancing Science Travel Award
2005 Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Chemistry Teaching Award

Teaching Interests

Course number Course title
09-105 Modern Chemistry I
09-106 Modern Chemistry II
09-107 Honors Chemistry
09-207 Techniques in Quantitative Analysis
09-221 Laboratory I: Introduction to Chemical Analysis
38-101 Eureka! ( First year Seminar in MCS)