Carnegie Mellon University

Rea Freeland

Rea Freeland

Associate Head, Chemistry


1986     Ph.D. Psychology (Cognitive), Carnegie Mellon University


Chemistry Ph.D. Program

As associate department head, I work with the Graduate Program Committee (GPC), particularly on supporting ABD students toward timely graduation. I serve as graduate ombudsperson to support and advise students who are having difficulties where a confidential sounding board or referrals to additional resources would be helpful. I am also the Chair of Graduate Recruiting.


My role also includes collaborating with the department head on a wide variety of matters including junior faculty mentoring.

Enhancing Departmental Visibility

I work with the department's web/graphic designer to develop and enhance the department's web site, and other marketing and recruiting materials.


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2000–present Associate Head, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University
2002–2016 Associate Dean for Special Projects, Mellon College of Science, Carnegie Mellon University
1993–1999 Associate Director, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence, Carnegie Mellon University
1987–1993 Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvey Mudd College and Claremont Graduate School
1986–1987 Postdoctoral Associate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst