Carnegie Mellon University
January 30, 2023

MCS Graduate Student Conference Funding Award Winners Announced

By Kirsten Heuring

Jocelyn Duffy
  • Associate Dean for Communications, MCS
  • 412-268-9982

Four winners have received the Mellon College of Science Graduate Student Funding Award for winter conferences.

Created by Glen de Vries Dean Rebecca W. Doerge to help graduate students attend conferences and workshops that will further their research, she and associate dean for faculty graduate affairs Manfred Paulini announced the winter recipients.

This round's winners include the following students and the meetings they plan to attend:

  • Sarah Boothman, a Ph.D. candidate in Biological Sciences — the 64th Annual Drosophila Conference
  • Nianyi Chen, a Ph.D. Candidate in Physics — the 2023 Winter Conference at the Aspen Center for Physics: Extreme Black Holes
  • Shan Xue, a Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry — Metals in Biology (Gordon Research Conference)
  • Yuken Yue, a Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematical Sciences — the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering

The award offers students up to $500 in supplemental funding for travel, prioritizing applicants who have secured other sources of funding.

Graduate students are encouraged to apply to future rounds of the Graduate Student Conference Funding Award. The deadlines are as follows:

  • March 15 for conferences in April, May and June
  • June 15 for conferences in July, August and September
For more information and to apply for the award, students can visit the award website.