Carnegie Mellon University

Kedar Perkins

December 08, 2016

Graduate Student Kedar Perkins receives ACS Student Exchange Award at NOBCChE

Kedar Perkins, 3rd year student in the Washburn group, received the ACS Graduate Student Exchange Award at NOBCChE in Raleigh in November 8-12, 2016. The award was given based on both his resume and his abstract describing his work on the functionalization of anionic lignin derivatives with a corona of poly(ehtylene glycol) (PEG) to augment their native surfactant properties. Kedar has prior research experience from University Maryland Baltimore County (Meyerhoff Scholar), Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Broad Institute of Harvard.

The award is a joint program between the American Chemical Society and other chemistry related organizations to provide students of these satellite organizations with travel funds for ACS national and regional conferences.