Carnegie Mellon University

group of students with Dave Dzombak at student feedback event

April 21, 2022

CEE Updates Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

CEE has a long tradition of educating students to critically evaluate situations and propose innovative solutions that will stand the test of time. And the department’s updated Mission, Vision, and Values statements follow that tradition in assessing the past while acknowledging what needs to be done to achieve the department’s future goals.

The new statements will guide the department in identifying, prioritizing, and continually evaluating activities, according to Professor Burcu Akinci. CEE’s previous strategic plan, completed in 2015, was intended to last for five years. Due to the pandemic, new planning was put on hold for much of 2020 as the department responded to the pandemic. Co-chairs Akinci and CEE Department Head Dave Dzombak restarted the effort in 2021.

“We decided to take a non-traditional approach to strategic planning. We are utilizing an organic model, which enables us to evaluate our goals, priorities, and activities on a yearly basis and modify as needed,” adds Akinci. This organic approach takes into account the “expect the unexpected” philosophy that’s been an underlying theme for the past two years.

The revised Mission, Vision, and Values statements were developed with input from faculty, staff, students, and the alumni council. Akincki states that the concepts of DEI were deeply ingrained in the process. “This truly demonstrates how great of a community we have and how we seriously take inclusivity, diversity, equity, and belonging in every activity that we do. And I am very proud to be part of such a community.”