Carnegie Mellon University

Jim Thompson

November 12, 2019

Thompson Recognized for Work as ASCE Student Chapter Advisor

Recently, the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Board of Direction recognized CEE faculty member Jim Thompson for his exemplary work advising the Carnegie Mellon University ASCE Student Chapter.

ASCE noted that, “at the forefront of every student chapter is a dedicated faculty advisor, ensuring that students experience the full measure of the educational, social, and professional opportunities available to them. James Thompson is no exception, and we are grateful for the commitment [he has] shown students and ASCE.”

Under Thompson’s leadership, ASCE has taken part in professional development events such as hosting companies to discuss projects, enlisting members of the ASCE professional chapter to help with mock interviews and networking instruction, and expanding a student mentoring program, according to CEE Director of Undergraduate Programs Andrea Francioni Rooney.

Thompson has served as the chapter’s faculty advisor since 2013, and this year supported students at both the Student Leadership and Ohio Valley Regional Conferences. “ASCE offers frequent visits to construction sites on campus such as the newly opened Ansys Hall,” Rooney added. “Our ASCE students were able to do several tours through the building in progress, allowing them to see real-world applications of the concepts they learn in classes.”

Rooney explained that ASCE also builds a sense of community through its participation in CMU’s Spring Carnival—the group has put together prize-winning entries in the Blitz Booth category for the past two years. And they’re already working on next year’s entry.

"Jim enjoys working with CEE students in his role as our ASCE Student Chapter faculty advisor," says Dave Dzombak, Hamerschlag University Professor and CEE Department Head. "I know that Jim is proud of how self-motivated our students are, and of their accomplishments through our ASCE Student Chapter."

Congratulations to Jim for this commendation, and for being a leader in our CEE community!