Carnegie Mellon University

Integrated BS/MS Program

If you are considering graduate school after you have completed your undergraduate studies you can get a head-start by working with your academic advisor to plan a course of study that leads to both the BS in Civil Engineering and the MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

Program Requirements

  • Satisfied all requirements for the BS degree
  • Register for a minimum of one semester of full-time study as a graduate student
  • Complete all of the requirements for the MS degree

This course of study will typically require ten semesters of study, although advanced placement or other study may reduce your time. With the approval of your academic advisor, you may take courses while an undergraduate that will count toward your MS degree as long as these courses are beyond the 379 units required for the BS in Civil Engineering degree.

How to Apply

  • Apply between 5th and 7th semester of undergraduate program (transfer student timeframe for application will be adjusted on a case by case basis)
  • Complete the IMB Program Declaration form and submit to David Vey, Graduate Admissions and Recruiting Manager.

Upon admission, you will be assigned a graduate studies advisor and you are expected to meet with your graduate advisors regularly to deveop your course of study and which graduate level courses to register for.