Carnegie Mellon University

Immersive learning, a supportive community, and strong friendships are what Stephanie Emore describes as the foundation of her CMU experience. Emore, a 2016 graduate, is now employed by Clark Construction Group as a Project Manager and recently completed work on the tallest building in Bethesda, MD. 

As she builds her career, Emore continues to stay connected to the university and is inspired to give back to support the next cohort of future engineers.

“I had such a great time at CEE,” she says. “The school was a great fit for me, not just academically, but also socially,” Emore explains that the friends she made in college are the reason that she keeps supporting the university. “We lived together, worked together, and took Uno breaks together. Everyone was always supportive and ready to hang out, do work, or study.”

The nurturing nature of her time at CEE included her connection to staff and faculty, who she describes as understanding and helpful. “They showed me that it is ok to ask questions; and helped me to build what I call the CMU Mindset—‘you may not know the answer and it may be hard to find it, but here are the tools you need.’”

Emore uses these strategies in her current position, in what she calls her “non-traditional engineering career.” Currently, she is managing a project called National Landing, a two-tower build with over 800 apartments. She is focused helping team members, interacting with the owner and architects, and staying on schedule. 

Emore proudly adds that she is living with her CMU roommate from sophomore year. She is also excited to have fellow students who had moved to California after graduation return to the east coast. These connections keep her rooted in the CMU community even when she is far from Pittsburgh. And they drive her giving to the college—knowing that she can help to support current students’ unique experiences at the university.

“I meet people in my career who had undergrad classes with 200 people in them. I had 26 people in my classes! It really benefitted me and it’s one of the reasons I chose CMU and continue to give back to it.”