1st-2nd Year Advising-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

1st year

The first year is all about exploring the different majors while fulfilling the freshmen 5 and general education requirements. For example, students who have an interest in Psychology will take Intro to Psychology as a way to see if they are interested in ultimately pursuing the major. Students are recommended to attend workshops offered through the Academic Advisory Center, which will also help with the exploration process. There will also be a major information expo sometime in the spring semester where students will have an opportunity to attend a one hour session on each major. We encourage students to meet with their academic advisor at least 2 times each semester.

2nd year

Students have until the end of their 2nd year to declare a major and are encouraged to meet with their advisor regularly in order to discuss their thoughts. Students who declare a major prior to their 2nd year can still meet with their AAC advisor but mostly for general education requirement purposes.