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Staff Council Officer Elections

May 31, 2017

Officer Elections and Leadership Transition 2017 - 2018

Staff Council held its annual appreciation luncheon in May 2017 to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year. Current representatives gathered with committee chairs, the executive officers, and former chairs of Staff Council to recognize the progress made on a series of strategic initiatives and cornerstone programs. 

The special meeting is also the setting for Staff Council's annual election of officers and transition of leadership. The Staff Council Chair will assume the role of Immediate Past Chair, and the current Vice Chair will advance into the role of Chair. A newly elected Vice Chair will assume the three-year commitment, while the Secretary and Treasurer are elected annually. 

Leadership Transitions

M. Shernell Smith will assume the role of Immediate Past Chair, the third segment of the three-year commitment. 

Tim Leonard will assume the role of Chair of Staff Council following his year of service as Vice Chair. 

Jessica Owens was elected to the role of Vice Chair, the first segment of the three-year commitment. 

Kaycee Palko was re-elected to the role of Treasurer. 

Becky Finkel was elected to the role of Secretary. 

Outgoing Chair Leaves Representatives with Inspiring Quotes

Throughout her term as Staff Council Chair, M. Shernell Smith brought inspiration and energy to Staff Council's efforts by delivering quotes from a diverse array of leaders, philosophers, and historical agents of change. The outgoing chair briefly reflected on her experience and thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication. Smith was presented with a commemorative gavel in recognition of her service. In return, she gifted everyone with framed quotes from her favorite inspirational leaders. 

Awards Recognize Staff Contributions

As a volunteer-based representative body, Staff Council understands the importance of the time and work given by elected representatives and other volunteers to support Staff Council's initiatives and programs, as well as the strategic vision and mission of the university. 

This year, the Staff Council Rewards and Recognition Committee developed two award categories to recognize the achievements of certain Staff Council members - the "Unsung Hero" and "Rookie of the Year" awards. 

The Unsung Hero Award was presented to members who contributed to the overall success of the organization by working behind the scenes to advance Staff Council's mission. Unsung heroes volunteer at functions and events and assist in whatever capacity is necessary, all while flying under the radar. 

The Rookie of the Year Award was presented to first-time representatives who seize the initiative to take an active role in influencing Staff Council's direction for the current year. They volunteer at functions and events, attrend and speak up at meetings, take leadership roles, and go above and beyond the call of duty to help when needed. 

About the Rewards and Recognition Committee

The Staff Council Rewards and Recognition Committee, chaired by John Lanyon, plays a significant role in the way the university engages, motivates, and recognizes staff members. The committee contributes greatly to The Andy Awards, the university's annual tribute to staff, their dedication, and their contributions. Moreover, the committee has a unique role of highlighting the contributions of Staff Council representatives during their terms within the organization.