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Tracks and Sessions

Here you find the session descriptions and track listing for the Take Our Children to Work 2022 event.  The tracks are listed first and as you scroll down you will see the Session descriptions.

8-11 Year Old Tracks

Track 1


  1. Diving in the CMU Swimming Pool
  2.  Chemistry All Around Us

Guide: Ron Ripper, Amy Protos

Track 2
  1.  The Olympics From My Experience Coaching There
  2. Fire Extinguisher Training

Guide: Judy Halinen, Marjorie Conner Dawkins

Track 3
  1.  Campus Policing
  2.  Improv, Game Design, and Development

Guide: Tonya Campbell, April Hawk

Track 4


  1.  Training Newfoundland Dogs
  2. Maker Jam

Guide: Stephanie Santo, Amy Dicker

Track 5
  1.  Chemistry All Around Us
  2.  Training Newfoundland Dogs

Guide: Olivia Wells, Neetha Khan

12-15 Year Old Tracks
Track A
  1.  Improv, Game Design, and Development
  2.  Intro to Taekwondo

Guide: Jaime Rzepecki, Krista Jones

Session Information

Please do not head to the locations directly. Participants and guides will leave from The CUC - GYM at 1PM!!!!

Title Location Description

Campus Policing


CUC Loading Dock
A brief presentation on what it is like being a CMU Police Officer, followed by an in depth look into a Police Vehicle.

Chemistry All Around Us


CUC Dowd
There is Chemistry all around us! Come learn how molecules behave and how the molecules that occur around us such as in common materials and in food ingredients can be used. Scientists from Chemistry will present live demos to explain chemical and scientific concepts, and how to efficiently use energy sources such as a microwave oven to manipulate molecules in ingredients. The session will also include a hands-on activity that uses commonly available chemicals to extract DNA from fruit.

Diving In


CUC Swimming Pool

Introductory session to springboard diving.

NOTE: Participants must bring bathing suit and be able to pass basic swim test before being allowed to dive.

Fire Extinguisher Training


CUC Danforth Lounge
We will be using our digital fire extinguisher simulator to teach the kids how to use a fire extinguisher. We will do a quick verbal presentation (no power point) and then have each of the kids take a turn using the simulator.

Improv and Game Design and Development


CUC Connan

The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) teaches its graduate students how to design and develop entertainment experiences, including games. Every ETC student takes Improvisational Acting, which fosters team building and increases listening skills. ETC students work on teams of artists, designers, and programmers in short cycles in a Building Virtual Worlds course, and on semester-long projects. This activity session will run some Improv exercises with full class participation, discuss some game design principles, and play a game with changing rules to show associated changes in behavior. Links to ETC work will be shared so that participants can continue their play and exploration well after the session ends.


Intro to Taekwondo


CUC Activities Room

Introduction to basic Taekwondo techniques such as blocks - strikes - punches and kicks and stances


Let's Move Something!



Tepper Fitness Noll Studio

A full body workout using cardio, strength, balance and flexibility exercises to reach the level of fitness you aspire to attain. Each class will be slightly different and will use different pieces of equipment including your own body weight.


Maker Jam


Morewood Gardens

Tour of the Morewood Makerspace and introduction to simple electrical circuits. Participants will make and take either a flashlight (8-11 years) or a light up fabric applique (12-15 years).


The Olympics from my Experience Coaching there


CUC Danforth Conference Room

My experience coaching at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. How I accomplished my goal of being at the Olympics.


Training Newfoundland Dogs



CUC Athletics Conference Room

Newfoundland dogs are the "lifeguards" of the canine world. This presentation will include videos of Newfoundlands around the world, including equipment used in lifesaving exercises. Assisting will be a young Newfoundland "Magic" who is in training for her lifesaving qualification. Lauri Francis has trained 4 dogs to water titles and will demonstrate (along with Magic) water and obedience work that attendees can take home and share with their families.