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Staff Council Committees

There are so many ways to get involved in Staff Council without running for a seat. There are folks out there who want to know more and get involved, but don't really know how. Here is an open invitation to join us, in whatever way you can.

Please take a look at the committees and consider where you might be able to share your talents then contact the committee chair. We will do better work if we learn from the diverse voices in our community. And don’t forget that all of Staff Council’s General Body meetings, as well as the committee meetings, are open to the CMU community with the exception of Benefits, Relations Guidance, and the Governance, Elections, and Membership (GEM) committees.

General Body Meetings

Staff Council general body meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month and are open to all staff. Per the constitution, Staff Council is required to meet 10 times each year.

June 20, 2024 12pm - 1pm 

July 18, 2024 SC Reps Only 

12pm - 1pm
August 15, 2024 12pm - 1pm
September 19, 2024 12pm - 1pm
October 17, 2024 12pm - 1pm
November 21, 2024 12pm - 1pm
December 19, 2024 12pm - 1pm
Minutes from previous General Body meetings:

parchment paper curled on both ends with a feather pen and ink well in front

Staff Council's Constitution, 10-17-2019 [PDF]

University-Wide Committees

The Chair of Staff Council, in agreement with university administration, is responsible for the appointment of representatives to University Councils, Committees, and Task Forces. The liaisons are responsible for maintaining communications between the respective body and staff council.