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CMU Take our Children to Work Day 2022 

April 28, 2022 -- Back In Person

Take Our Child to Work Day, presented by Staff Council, is in person this year on April 28th.  The theme this year is:  "New Possibilities Create New Horizons."

We are still looking for Volunteers that already have their Act 153 clearances.  If you are interested please email

CMU will be hosting the annual Take Our Children to Work Day 2022.  Presentations are on Thursday, April 28th from 1:15-2:00pm & 2:15-3:00pm and are appropriate for children ages 8-11 or 12-15.

April 28, 2022 AGENDA

Time Location Event
11AM-12PM CUC Wiegand Gym Day of Registration -- After reserving a track online you must show up the day of to confirm all the details and receive your colored wrist band. This wrist band is used for Track identification and is required to pick up your participant at the end of the day.
12PM-1PM Rangos 3 or CMU Campus LUNCH - We will have lunch available in the Rangos 3 -- however you will need to preorder.  We may have some limited options day of but if you do not preorder we cannot guarantee anything.   More details here.
1PM Wiegand Gym Return to the CUC Wiegand Gym to drop off participants with their track guides to travel to their first presentation.
1:15PM -2PM CMU Campus

The first presentation of the tracks.  The partipants will be guided to their presentation on campus by one or two Act 153 cleared volunteers, and the volunteer will stay with them through the day.

2PM-2:15PM CMU Campus

The track guides will walk the group to their second presentation of the day.

2:15-3PM CMU Campus

The second presentation for the tracks.

3PM-3:30PM CUC Wiegand Gym

After the second presentaion has ended -- the track guides will walk the participants back to the CUC Wiegand Gym for Pickup.  The pickup details will be confirmed during the day of registration.



adults and children eating lunch

Luncheon with entertainment (at previous event)

bhangra dancers dancing on stage

Bhangra dancers showing off their skills! (at previous event)

Bhangra dancers teaching children some moves

Bhangra dancers teaching children some moves (at previous event)

some other performers on stage

More entertainment during the luncheon (at previous event)