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CMU Take our Children to Work Day 2021

Take Our Children to Work Day, presented by Staff Council, is VIRTUAL this year and this year's theme is "Boldly Moving Forward With What I Want To Be When I Grow Up."

Title Description URL
CMU Police Demonstration

A brief look into CMU Police Department's patrol vehicle, motorcycle, and communications center.  Followed by a short background and Q&A with two CMU Police Officers.

Available here
Journey to Finance Careers

Members of the university's Finance Division will speak about what they wanted to be when they grew up and their journey to their Finance career here at Carnegie Mellon.

Available here
Looking Up: An Astronomy Journey

I wanted to be an astronomer ever since I was seven, but I took the long way round. Now, I am a faculty member in CMU's Physics Department where I teach astronomy, but I spent decades at home raising four sons and publishing science fiction. I'd be pleased to show you my current research. I use drones to map cities at night to show humanity's lights are ruining the dark skies that astronomers need to see the cosmos.

Available here
Pathways to Careers in Software

What’s it like to have a job in software? What kinds of skills do you need? What special traits are valuable? In this video for kids, experts from the SEI describe their jobs, how they got here, and what they learned along the way

Available here

Spotlight on Drama: Props

What does it take to pursue a career in theatre props? What kinds of props can be found at CMU Drama's warehouse? And what exactly is a "prop", anyway? School of Drama Props Assistant, Kristin Ward, answers these common questions while offering a peek behind the scenes, and into her own life.  

Available here
Take Your Working Dog to Work

All about service dogs, the different types, what they do, and how kids can help them do a great job for their partners with disabilities.

Available here
Working in the Arts - Behind the Scenes at Miller ICA

Do you love Art? Have you ever thought of a career in the Arts? Meet Lydia and Margaret at the Miller ICA, Carnegie Mellon's Contemporary Art Institute. Get a special tour behind the scenes and learn about the many people who make art exhibitions happen!

Available here
A Day in the Life of a Chemist

Meet graduate student Jamie Gaitor and follow him into the lab where he explains and demonstrates his current work with polymers.

Available here
Chair Yoga

Pattye Stragar, Fitness Operations Manager will take you through some stretches that you can do while on-line learning that will rejuvenate you while sitting.  We are all suffering from sitting too much and zoom fatigue.  Stretch your body!

Available here
Celebrate Pi Day by making a Pie!

With Tau Beta Pi (engineering honors society), Civil & Environmental Engineering Andrea Francioni Rooney and Ron Ripper - and Professor Elizabeth Holm from Materials Science & Engineering

Available here
So what is Computational Biology

 Learn a little about the field of computational biology and how to study computational biology as an undergraduate student in Carnegie Mellon University's world-acclaimed School of Computer Science.

Available here

Information given to presenters for their pre-recorded video

Our theme for this virtual event for Carnegie Mellon’s Take Our Child to Work Day on April 22nd 2021 is:

I will boldly move forward to be what I want to be when I grow up.

Presenters can answer any of these questions and add additional information if they desire:

    • What is it like working at Carnegie Mellon?
    • What is your educational background? 
    • What was your favorite course of study?
    • What kind of training did you need for your job?
    • What are the typical challenges you encounter in your job?

What do you wish someone had told you about a career when you were this age (8-15 years)? 




adults and children eating lunch

Luncheon with entertainment (at previous event)

bhangra dancers dancing on stage

Bhangra dancers showing off their skills! (at previous event)

Bhangra dancers teaching children some moves

Bhangra dancers teaching children some moves (at previous event)

some other performers on stage

More entertainment during the luncheon (at previous event)