Carnegie Mellon University

Student Experience

Our seamless program offers you a choice between two campuses: an academic environment at our Pittsburgh campus where most of our faculty reside or a professional environment in New York where many of the job opportunities (and most of our alumni) are located. The two cities are a short, one-hour plane ride or six-hour drive away. Job recruiting can occur at either campus and our students travel often between the two.

Whether you’re in Pittsburgh or New York, you will take the same courses, learn from the same professors and have access to the same student resources and career services. 

While most of our professors reside in Pittsburgh, they travel to the New York campus to teach at least twice during each seven-week course. Our professors are committed to meeting your needs regardless of their location, and both locations have full-time staff dedicated to academic advising, employment counseling and tech support.

Student Activities

We recognize and value the importance of a balanced student life. From campus events and student clubs to recruiting trips and organized dinners, we work to ensure your time in the program includes time off along with work. Whether it’s participating in the Quantitative Finance Club, the Wall Street Trek, a wine tasting event, visiting the Pittsburgh Opera or a group picnic at Central Park, MSCF staff work closely with students to create an engaging environment and active student life.

As an MSCF student, you are automatically a member of the Quantitative Finance Club (QFC). This club provides you an opportunity to participate in a number of student-led activities and events. Since the QFC club is student-led, you have the option of becoming a student leader within the club to represent the student body of the MSCF program. QFC leaders are selected from both the Pittsburgh and New York campuses and take an active role in planning the MSCF Bootcamp during orientation, mock interviews, trading competitions, internship prep sessions, treks, the MSCF Redbook and social activities.