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Communication Development Program

Success in your quantitative finance career requires more than a solid grounding in finance, math, statistics and coding. You must be able to present your ideas effectively and persuasively, both orally and in writing. To further our students’ communication skills, MSCF offers the MSCF Communication Development Program (CDP), a continuously available resource to all students enrolled in the MSCF program. At the center of the CDP is Ed Barr, a professional communications coach who, in addition to teaching Business Communications courses throughout the first year of the program, provides individual student coaching.

CDP builds on the public speaking preparation you will receive as part of the degree curriculum and career counseling services through MSCF Career Services. The CDP offers one-on-one coaching to help you write a better resume and cover letter, enjoy a stronger job interview and, more generally, to handle yourself with confidence. The CDP also conducts seminars on speaking and presentation skills, business and email writing, resume development, etiquette and deportment.

Communications Coach Edward Barr provides an overview of the CDP

Communication Coaching

Ed Barr Action Shot

Edward Barr

Ed comes to us with us with many years of experience in various marketing, teaching and executive education roles. He served as Associate Teaching Professor at the Heinz College from 2000-2010 and most recently as Chief Marketing Officer for iCarnegie, a science, technology, engineering and math education provider. Certified as a teacher of English as a Second Language, Ed has, over the years, taught in China, India, Mexico, South America and Europe. Ed is the author of several books, including “Seven Secrets to Successful Business Writing,” “Seven Secrets to Successful Business Presentations” (both in English and Spanish) and “Ask the Right Questions; Get the Right Job.” He recently finished a book, “Neuro-Messaging-Use Your Brain to Communicate Effectively.”