Carnegie Mellon University

Strats & Modeling

“Strats” is an abbreviation for “Strategists.” Strats and modeling jobs are found at sell-side banks and buy-side money managers and regulators. As a front-office quant, you will be involved with structuring, pricing and developing trading tools. Careers in this path will leverage your knowledge in modeling, statistical analysis and software development for trading, structuring specialized securities, determining optimal execution and a myriad of other applications.

Job titles in financial modeling, strategies and research include:

  • Associate, Quantitative Analytics
  • Corporate Treasury Strategist
  • Credit Structuring Analyst
  • Derivative Analyst
  • Financial Technology Associate
  • Quantitative Strategist
  • Trading Strategist
  • Fixed Income Strategist 

Employers in financial modeling, strategies and research include:

  • Investment Banks
  • Bloomberg
  • CRISIL Global Research and Analytics
  • Ernst & Young
  • Federal Reserve
  • Freddie Mac
  • Murex
  • Qontigo Axioma
  • Standard & Poor’s
  • Virtu Financial