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Get Involved

Below are a variety of options to stay involved as alumns.

Alumni Volunteer Form

There are many ways MSCF alumni can give their expertise and time to the program. Let us know what interests you by completing the Alumni Volunteer Form. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Diffy Paljevic at

Chapter Volunteers

Our Chapter Volunteers work within their region to connect alumni, parents, students and friends of MSCF through various types of events and gatherings. The Chapter Volunteer serves as the lead and coordinator for specific events. Check out our current MSCF Chapters and reach out to Diffy Paljevic at for more information.

MSCF Mentor Program

We have developed the MSCF Mentor Program which uses mentoring-specific software to facilitate one-on-one connections between alumni and students. The program allows alumni to determine their own frequency and form of communication. To learn more about becoming an Alumni Mentor, please visit the MSCF Mentor Program page and sign up today.

Refer a Candidate

Who better understands the rigors and rewards of the MSCF program than you? If you have a good candidate in mind, please let me know! We place a high premium on the referrals and recommendations of our alums! Send the MSCF Admissions Office your referral at

MSCF Resume Books

Resume books of our graduating students and students seeking summer internships are available upon request. Please contact Queeta Welch at or 412-268-3028 for access to our Internship or Graduating Student resume books.

MSCF Student Biographies and Photos

To learn more about our MSCF students' backgrounds, we have assembled a student photo/biography roster for our corporate partners.

To Utilize the MSCF recruiting system, QuantConnect

Log in to QuantConnect:
· Create and post job listings to find the most ideal candidate for your position
· Host events, such as corporate presentations, panel discussions, networking events to connect with qualified candidates on and off campus
· Search our database of student profiles using key-word searches and filters to target the specific population meeting your hiring criteria and download resumes of qualified candidates
· Download student resume books specific to your needs such as: student groups, academic year, and other customized criteria

Please contact Queeta Welch at or (412) 268-3028 for more information.

To post jobs through the undergraduate recruiting system, Handshake

Visit the Career and Professional Development Center’s website to learn more about Handshake. Please contact the Career and Professional Development Center at or (412) 268-2064 with questions.


The MSCF Alumni Board was created in 2016 to assist the MSCF program in offering more valuable resources for our alumni, to strengthen MSCF alumni ties, to provide insights into the needs of the industry, and to better communicate the needs of the program. 

Alumni Board members serve a three-year term. The Board meets once in the Fall in New York with the MSCF Steering Committee and MSCF Alumni Relations staff and once with the MSCF Alumni Relations staff in the Spring.

You would have had to have graduated in the very early days of the MSCF program not to be familiar with the MSCF Speaker Series! Practitioner talks that take place on Friday’s in the fall, the primary purpose in hosting these talks is to expose our students, many of whom do not have a finance background, to the different products, markets, and careers to be had in "quantitative finance.” Many of you have now been working in the industry for many years. You know a lot. Why not share your wisdom and insights with the new kids?

The topic of your presentation would be for you to decide but would, hopefully, encompass your areas of expertise, perhaps with some examples of projects you are working on or what you see as "the road ahead" for our students about to move into these jobs. These talks also present an opportunity for you to "sell" you company as well as provide you with an early, first-hand “look” at our students for possible entry-level openings at your firm! Interested in participating? Call call Robert Simon at (412) 268-4592 or

Did you do or are you doing something that you think would make a great story? Let us know by sending us an email. We'll follow up. Perhaps all will see it in the next MSCF Alumni Newsletter!