Carnegie Mellon University

Endowment Giving

you can help our endowment grow

Endowment support is vital to the MSCF’s future. Our endowment is significantly less than the majority of our peer programs. This impacts the number and amount of fellowships we can offer to students and increases our dependency on tuition. With the support of our alumni and friends, it is our goal to grow the endowment significantly over the next decade. Endowed fund giving opportunities start at $50,000, payable over five years.

endowed named MSCF fellowship funds

The donor makes a gift of at least $50,000, payable over five years. Once the fund reaches the endowment minimum of $50,000, a student will begin to receive the payout from the fund in the form of a fellowship. Donors can name the fund as they wish. Donors receive annual financial reports, details on the student(s) the fund is supporting and an opportunity to meet the funded student. Endowed fellowship funds exist in perpetuity.