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MSCF Recruiter Guide

We appreciate your interest in our students! We invite you to use our online recruiting platform, QuantConnect, for your recruiting needs. The QuantConnect Employer User Guide will instruct you on how to set up your employer account and use the system. We are here, of course, to assist you in your recruiting needs and to answer any questions you may have!

Please visit our recruiting platform, QuantConnect to post job descriptions. In your posting, you should advise interested students to apply either as directed to your website or by responding to an email address you provide. For questions or assistance with posting a job, please contact Queeta Welch.

Our students benefit greatly from recruiters coming to campus to present information about their firm, career paths and available positions, and to engage students in networking. Successful presentations often involve a team - members of the human resources area, line managers or recent graduates (particularly alumni!). Company presentations originate at either our New York or Pittsburgh campus and are broadcast live to our classroom at the other campus. Presentations typically occur during lunch (12:30pm-1:20pm) as our students are in class most weekday evenings. You can schedule a date to host a corporate presentation through our recruiting platform, QuantConnect. Please refer to the MSCF Recruiting Calendar for MSCF exams days and University holidays during which times we do not schedule corporate presentations. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact    Queeta Welch in our Career Services office.

You can search our database of student profiles using key-words and filters to find candidates that meet your hiring criteria. You can make candidate selections and download resumes using QuantConnect. Downloadable pdf’s of MSCF Full-Time and Internship Resume Books are also available.

On-campus recruiting is available throughout the academic year at both our Pittsburgh and New York campuses. MSCF second-year students graduate in December, 2020. On-campus recruiting for our second-year students begins on Monday, Sept. 14. On-campus recruiting for our first-year students seeking internships for Summer 2021 (mid-May through the end of August) begins on Monday, Sept. 14.  Queeta Welch in our Career Services office will work with you to set up student interview schedules for both our Pittsburgh and New York students.

If a recruiting visit to our New York or Pittsburgh campus does not accommodate your organization’s needs, MSCF Career Services provides videoconferencing capabilities at no charge at each campus. To obtain more information, please contact Drew Eisenbeis.
The MSCF program is rigorous. Your flexibility in permitting students to schedule visits around classroom commitments is appreciated. We ask employers extending full time offers to students to allow students three weeks to make their decisions. We recognize some situations may require a more immediate response. To prepare an accurate employment report at the end of each recruiting year, companies are asked to provide information on offers made (job title, location and salary) and offers accepted to Queeta Welch.

In addition to serving MSCF students, MSCF provides services to alumni. If you have career opportunities for experienced professionals, we will advertise these directly to our alumni.  We also provide an Alumni Resume Book by request.  To advertise an opportunity or request the Alumni Resume Book, please contact Queeta Welch.

There are two resources available for recruiters interested in hiring international students.

Note: Carnegie Mellon University does not provide legal advice.   The information presented below has been prepared for informational purposes only.   It is not intended to serve as a comprehensive guide to hiring international students and may not be relied on for legal advice.  Please consult with your own legal advisor or refer to the resources provided for more information before engaging in any hiring transaction.

  1. MSCF Employer Guide for Hiring International Students
  2. CMU's CPDC website has additional information on hiring CMU international students