Carnegie Mellon University

Risk Management

The science (and art) of computing and managing the credit, operational and market risk borne by traders and portfolio managers has grown in complexity and importance since the financial crisis of 2008. Talent in this area is in great demand by financial firms and the regulators.

As a quantitative risk manager, your primary responsibilities will involve reviewing trading models, developing bank stress tests, setting position limits and sector exposures, evaluating liquidity ratios and establishing regulatory capital levels. 

Job titles in risk management include: 

  • AVP, Franchise Risk Architecture
  • Associate, Treasury Risk
  • Investment Risk Analyst
  • Market Risk Analyst
  • AVP, Asset and Liability Management

Employers in risk management include: 

  • Investment and Commercial Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Hedge Funds/Mutual Funds
  • Pension Funds
  • Government Regulatory Offices