Carnegie Mellon University


Graduates of our program are presented with excellent career opportunities. Employers come to MSCF to hire technically trained talent keen to work in the financial services industry and they are not disappointed. Recruiters find smart, personable, highly motivated students, able to ”hit the ground running” at the investment banks, the hedge funds, the prop traders and the fin tech firms.

Our strong relationships with the world’s largest investment and commercial banks, hundreds of algo trading and quantitative asset managers and our 1,800 well-placed alumni will help you get to where you want to be. 

Our students’ impressive job placement record, both in summer internships and in full-time jobs, attests to the high regard global financial services firms have for the education we provide. Over the last three years, 100% of our full-time MSCF students obtained summer internships and 98% accepted full-time employment within six months of graduation.

These impressive placement stats attest to both the quality of our graduates and dedicated support of the MSCF Career Office in providing students a competitive edge in the recruitment process.

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