Carnegie Mellon University


We value a diverse and inclusive community, not only because it is ethically and morally right, but because it enriches our experiences and leads to greater creativity and innovation in our decision making. Attracting an outstanding and diverse community of faculty, staff, and students, and ensuring that all members of our community have a voice and sense of belonging, will empower them to strive for excellence.

We value our students and, in their service, are committed to the highest standards of teaching and academic and career preparation support.

We value our role in the training of the talent required to build and maintain a sound financial system that facilitates economic activity by managing the flow of capital.

Ethics at MSCF

Given its far-reaching impact on the global economy, few industries are impacted as much by ethics as the financial industry, The MSCF program understands this and recognizes its responsibility to teach students about ethics in a manner that will allow them to confront dilemmas in the workplace with the confidence to do what is right.

This teaching comes in many forms. It begins with a required, full-day training on ethics during a student’s orientation, and continues through lectures that incorporate ethical decision-making along with making sound financial decisions.

It continues throughout the program as students are held accountable to a strict code of academic integrity, and culminates in a career search process in which students are expected to keep their commitments in working with potential employers.

MSCF staff and faculty lead by example and seek out alumni to provide ongoing ethics training through interactive speaking engagements to address real world ethical topics. We believe this attention to ethics prepares students with a moral compass that will guide them throughout their careers.