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MSCF Plans New York Campus Updates to Meet the Needs of Students

Renovation will include a new recreation room, Career Center and 68-seat classroom

The first hammer will strike the walls of the MSCF New York Campus on May 15, 2017 as part of a major renovation to create an improved space to better meet the needs of students. The remodeled area will feature a state-of-the-art recreation room, full-service Career Center, redesigned classrooms and enhanced technology throughout the conference and classrooms. 

“We are constantly exploring ways to enhance the student experience,” said Rick Bryant, Executive Director of the MSCF program. “Every year, we distribute a survey to students, faculty and staff to identify possible areas for improvement. Given the student feedback and suggestions from our New York staff, we realized it was time for an update.” 

While the square footage of the campus will remain the same, the construction plans reconfigure the existing space to align with the needs of the program. Some of the existing areas will be updated while other sections – including a robust Career Center with interview rooms and dedicated space for career staff – will be brand new. 

“The Career Center will provide ample space for expanded networking opportunities and one-on-one interviews for students to meet with recruiters,” said Bryant.

The renovations will start immediately after final exams and are expected to be finished before the new student orientation at the end of July 2017. In addition to the new classrooms and Career Center, the remodeled campus will include a new computer cluster, four Bloomberg Terminals, a new student lounge, renovated restrooms and elevator lobby, upgraded security systems, improved study areas and workstations for staff.

“55 Broad Street has been our home since 1997,” said Diffy Paljevic, Director of the MSCF program in New York. “We look forward to the upcoming renovations and are grateful to our generous alumni and donors who have helped to make this possible.”

Those interested in the progress of the renovation can visit this webpage or follow us on social media for the latest updates and photos of the remodeled space. For more information or questions regarding the renovation, please contact Kristin DeFoglio


Our former NY1 and NY2 have been completely demolished to make way for a larger NY1 and new Career Services Center for our students.

This is a view from where our ping pong table use to reside, looking toward what use to be two staff offices and the main lounge.

This is a view standing next to the student lockers looking toward what use to be NY3, the rec room and the professor's office.

Walls have returned

Taking a look from the center of the new NY1 via the student perspective looking toward where the podium will eventually be located.

A view of the new MSCF Career Office and interview rooms.

The framing for the 32 seat NY2 classroom and student study booths begins to take shape.


NY1 Classroom

The main 68-seat classroom is prepped for the return of students.


Students enjoing the remodeld lounge.

Study Booths

Student study booths.