Carnegie Mellon University

Fifth & Clyde Residence Hall

With the goal to enhance CMU's neighborhood concept, Fifth and Clyde will open in the fall of 2021 as a 98,000-square-foot, six-story residence hall that offers 264 beds for upper-class students in semi-suite and suite room configurations with single and double bedrooms. In addition to residential living, the building will be equipped with a 5,000-square-foot community space for the Fifth Avenue neighborhood — referred to as the Fifth Avenue Neighborhood Commons — which will include rooms for students to practice their next concert with a dedicated music space and jam room, wellness/dance room with spring loaded flooring, study nooks and a multipurpose room. At the heart of the Commons will be the hearth, a place to gather, commune, relax or study while gazing out onto the building’s courtyard.

Fifth and Clyde Floor 1

Fifth and Clyde Floor 2

Fifth and Clyde Floor 3

Fifth and Clyde Floor 4

Fifth and Clyde Floor 5

Fifth and Clyde Floor 6

Fifth & Clyde Renderings

rendering of Fifth Clyde a multi-floor residence hall

Fifth & Clyde from Fifth Avenue

rendering of Fifth Clyde a multi-floor residence hall from the courtyard perspective

Fifth & Clyde Courtyard

rendering of Fifth Clyde a multi-floor residence hall looking into the floor lounges

Fifth & Clyde - Internal Floor Lounges

Fifth Clyde floor lounge - chair tv whiteboard window and drawings of students

Fifth & Clyde Floor Lounge

Fifth Clyde kitchen lounge - tables chairs bar and bar seating kitchenette and drawings of students

Fifth & Clyde Floor Kitchen Lounge

Fifth Clyde semi double room - two beds window desks door and drawing of student

Fifth & Clyde Double Room

Fifth Clyde study lounge - table chairs floor to ceiling window white board and drawing of students

Fifth & Clyde Study Room

Fifth Clyde Multipurpose room - clusters of chairs a large tv tall ceiling and drawings of students

Fifth & Clyde Multipurpose Room

Fifth Clyde Commons - hearth and fireplace sitting cubbies hammocks stools

Fifth & Clyde Commons

Fifth Clyde community kitchen - kitchen dining table and chairs and a wall of windows

Fifth & Clyde Community Kitchen