Carnegie Mellon University

Reporting Data and Debriefing

  1. The search committee chair should work with Equal Opportunity Services to obtain the aggregate demographic data for the applicant pool.
  2. The search committee chair should work with the departmental administrator and Equal Opportunity Services to complete and submit the Faculty Affirmative Action Form (or equivalent information) with applicant information and interview appraisals. Contact EOS for a menu of reasons for decisions to interview (or not) and to hire (or not).
  3. At the end of the search, the search committee chair can provide a debriefing report on the effectiveness of the committee's diversity efforts and lessons learned. The debriefing report provides an opportunity for search committees and departments to build on others’ experience. Along with the demographic data about the pool, debriefing reports will be most valuable when they highlight information for improving the success of future searches, for example:
    • challenges encountered in implementing the search plan,
    • feedback from potential applicants contacted or those interviewed,
    • summary of the offers made and any special efforts in recruiting after an offer was made (e.g. related to dual careers), and
    • ideas for improving the interview or recruiting process.

After the searches are complete, each college must supply a report to the Provost including:

1. For each search, provide department and rank (assistant, associate or tenured). In colleges without departments, please provide field. This will be used by HR to determine availability of women and minorities.

2. Provide the gender and minority breakdown of the candidate pool.  Please provide a count of all minorities defined as (Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander). (Best practices require classification using self-identification by the candidate however “sight identification” is permissible.)

3. Provide the gender and minority breakdown of interviewed candidates.  If the department does intermediate interviews, please also provide counts for that level of the search. If not, leave this blank. (An official short list falls into this category.)

4. Provide the gender and minority breakdown of candidates who we made offers to and any candidates successfully recruited.