Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty Recruitment Checklist

Checklist for Search Committee Chairs for Effective, Inclusive Faculty Searches

            Work with Department Head to define the position broadly.

            Form a committee that includes people who value diversity

           Committee members can gain an understanding of implicit bias by either reviewing at least two of the resources about implicit bias and or by attending implicit bias training session.  A discussion of implicit bias should be part of the first search committee meeting.

           Write an advertisement to attract excellent candidates from a variety of backgrounds.  The ad should signal interest in increasing diversity.

           Create a search plan for broadening and diversifying your applicant pool through emails, calls, listservs, and ads to encourage people to apply.  

           Dean’s Office Review Before Searching – materials to send in advance of meeting 

           Enhance the pool by actively recruiting to encourage applications from excellent and diverse candidates. 

           Discuss the evaluation criteria for reviewing applicants to create the short list

           Prepare to interview by discussing standard interview questions, informing faculty about illegal interview questions and preparing for candidate’s questions. 

_____ As with creating the short list, faculty should use defined criterion to rank the candidates rather than simply voting their preferences.

____   Share information about dual careers resources and plan to work with the Vice Provost for Faculty and Human Resources to solve dual career challenges

           Dean’s Review before interviewing and making an offer Send list to Dean

           Summarize the search in a debriefing report  – information of interest to Dean at close of search 

For a downloadable version: Faculty Recruitment Checklist