Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty Leaves

Please note that leaves may take up to eight weeks to be processed. Please plan accordingly and contact us with any questions.

Requests for faculty leaves of absence can now be submitted online. Faculty can request a professional leave of absence or a parental and family leave of absence. Any questions about the leaves process or the online forms can be addressed to The Provost’s Office will submit all approved faculty leaves to the University Leaves Manager. The Office of General Counsel is also available to review faculty leave applications. 

For additional information on benefits and leave options, please visit Human Resources

In collaboration with Computing Services, we have set up a single sign-on service through Perceptive TransForm that allows you to securely and efficiently access your leave request. When you access the leave forms, the URL will begin with "" and you will be shown a login screen like the following:

A light grey pop-up box showing the title  authentication required. Below  the title, the following instructions are readable: this form requires that you provide a valid username and password before you can view it. please enter your username and password below. underneath these instructions are two text-boxes. the top text-box is labeled with username and the bottom text-box is labeled with password. Underneath these text-boxes are two buttons, one reading submit and the other reading cancel

Faculty members should request a leave at least one semester in advance of taking the leave. Where the need for leave is unanticipated, faculty members should request leave as soon as possible. View the professional leaves of absence policy or the personal leaves of absence policy for more information.

Note:  In addition to faculty family leave, faculty members may have rights under the Family Medical Leave Act. To apply for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), please visit Human Resources.