Carnegie Mellon University

Dean's Review Before Searching

  1. The Department Head must receive approval from the Dean (or his/her designate) before advertising the position. The Dean will typically request a meeting with the Department Head and the Search Committee Chair. It is expected that the following will be submitted in advance for discussion during the meeting.
      • The list of search committee members 
      • The proposed print and web-based advertisement.
      • The search plan to expand and diversify the applicant pool.
      • The demographics of recent Ph.Ds. in the discipline. One recommended source is the Survey of Earned Doctorates Data available from NORC at the University of Chicago which provides data by gender and race for “detailed disciplines” through the Tabulation Engine. Other sources from disciplinary professional societies are also welcome. Breakdown of the data by subfield is needed only in the case of a narrow search area.
      • The plan for tracking the diversity of the applicant pool in compliance with Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) requirements. All applicants are to be provided with a voluntary self-identification form for demographic data monitored under CMU’s Affirmative Action Plan. Aggregate data, maintaining anonymity for individuals, would be available to designated individuals to facilitate monitoring the diversity of the pool as it develops and if/when a hire is made. can meet these requirements and EOS can advise on how to do so. The search committee chair should consult with Courtney Bryant to ensure that the information is collected in the required form if the committee is using a system that has not been vetted.

2. The Department Head will report periodically to the Dean on the search, including progress in implementing the search plan and monitoring aggregate demographic data.