Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty Salary Equity Study

The Office of the Provost commissioned the law firm of Reed Smith LLP to conduct a rigorous examination of faculty salaries at Carnegie Mellon University. Please see below for links to these AY 2016-17 faculty salary equity studies, including summary reports. 

It is our hope that these efforts underscore Carnegie Mellon’s commitment to ensuring our faculty salaries are equitable with respect to gender and race or ethnicity. If you have comments and suggestions, please send them to

Equity Study of Tenure Track Faculty Salaries
AY 2016-17

Equity Study of Teaching Track Faculty Salaries
AY 2016-17

Equity Study of Research Track Faculty Salaries
AY 2016-17

Given the relatively small size of the research track faculty population, the uneven distribution of the faculty across the schools and colleges, and the concentration of women in just a few of the departments within the schools and collleges, Reed Smith was not able to obtain clearly interpretable analyses for salaries in that track. While they did not see any evidence for statistically significant association between gender and nine month salaries, some caution in assessing the results is warranted due to these statistical limitations. There were not enough minority faculty for meaningful statistical analysis.