Carnegie Mellon University

Committee on Faculty Diversity, Inclusion and Development

To gain insight into the challenges and opportunities of diversity on the CMU campus, President Farnam Jahanian charged a faculty committee to advise him on how we might best recruit and retain a diverse, world-class faculty. The committeee is now broadening its scope to include work on enhancing faculty climate, promoting diversity and inclusion, and creating development opportunities.

2018-2019 Committee Membership

  • Shawn Blanton, College of Engineering
  • Rosalind Chow, Tepper School of Business
  • Karen Clay, Heinz College, co-chair  
  • Erica Cochran, College of Fine Arts
  • Lorrie Cranor, School of Computer Science
  • Cleotilde Gonzalez, Dietrich College
  • Jennifer Keating, Dietrich College
  • Brian Kovak, Heinz College
  • Diana Marculescu, College of Engineering, co-chair
  • Manfred Paulini, Mellon College of Science
  • Kathryn Roeder, Provosts’ Office, co-chair   
  • John Zimmerman, School of Computer Science

This committee will help to maintain diversity as a foundational principle of CMU’s faculty infrastructure. One of their most important goals is to develop and disseminate tools and techniques that better enable colleges to recruit stellar faculty from a variety of backgrounds. In addition, the committee is tasked to create initiatives that enhance the retention and development of a diverse faculty; this is a critical element that will ensure our collegiate culture is rooted in inclusion.

College Diversity Liaisons

At the recommendation of the Committee, the deans have appointed Diversity Liaisons within each college to disseminate ideas and best pracrices throughout the university. Search committee chairs should contact their college's Diversity Liaison about processes to reduce implicit bias during searches. Faculty can also bring their ideas for fostering a more diverse faculty environment to their school or college Liaison(s).

College of Fine Arts

Erica Cochran

Wendy Arons

Dietrich College

Jennifer Keating

Mellon College of Science

Manfred Paulini

Rebecca Freeland

Tepper School of Business:

Taya Cohen

College of Engineering:

Diana Marculescu

John Kitchin

School of Computer Science:

Carol Frieze

Heinz College:

Karen Clay

University Libraries:

Jill Chisnel Miller