Carnegie Mellon University

Developing the Search Plan

1. The search committee’s plan for diversifying the applicant pool may involve a number of components. A combination of activities is beneficial, with particular attention to contacting women and underrepresented group colleagues who may have diverse networks:

  • Get in touch with university colleagues about any recent alumni and current postdocs who may be suitable for the opening;
  • Contact directors of graduate programs (especially for identifying potential applicants from underrepresented groups);
  • Utilize existing listservs or d-lists;
  • Communicate with the department’s own alumni; and
  • Post on any relevant diversity recruitment websites.

2. All search committee members can contribute to identifying and contacting potential applicants and encouraging them to apply

3. Choose an online system to manage applications and ensure that the legally required diversity data is collected properly.  One option is Interfolio’s ByCommittee.  Contact Courtney Bryant for help setting up a search using this software.

Recommended Resources

Developing a Search Plan [.pdf] (Columbia University)

Sample Search Plan [.doc]
This sample plan was developed to illustrate how a committee could diversify a potential medium energy search in the Physics Department