Carnegie Mellon University

Information About Appointments


Carnegie Mellon’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program will award fellowships for postdoctoral positions in all fields for research conducted under faculty mentorship.  The fellowship award covers the salary for the position and the ability of the recipient to enroll in University sponsored health and benefit plans.  Salary will be dependent on a number of factors, including most notably the field and level of experience of the successful applicants.  (Please note: It is expected that departments and faculty mentors will make appropriate arrangements for space and other necessary resources.)


Each award is generally for up to a 12-month period, with the possibility of renewal for a second year.  In some cases an initial award may be for a two-year period.


President's Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to (1) establish residence and participate in academic life at the University, (2) focus full-time on research or creative practice and limit other commitments such as teaching or additional employment, (3) meet regularly with their faculty mentor, and (4) attend the PPFP professional development programs.