Carnegie Mellon University

Online Application

Carnegie Mellon University's President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (PPFP) application is available by clicking on the link in the sidebar. The application, which is hosted on the University of California's PPFP website, may be used to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship in one or both of the programs.

You are required to submit the following materials:

  • Thesis abstract - one page;
  • Research Proposal - 700-1,000 words (not including references and citations);
  • Education and Background Statement - 500-700 words describing your personal background and contributions to diversity and equal opportunity through your academic career;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Writing sample - sample publication or unpublished paper, please limit to 35 pages (not including references and citations).
  • A letter of support from your confirmed mentor, or confirmed mentor contact information.*
  • Reference from your thesis advisor

Please review the complete Application Instructions before you apply.

*You are also required to find a mentor who will be willing to provide you with a letter of support, and who will be willing to request a letter of support from their department chair.

The University of California is hosting the application for both the University of California and Carnegie Mellon's President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs. Those applying to Carnegie Mellon's PPFP will receive a confirmation message from a University of California email address; this message only serves as confirmation that the application system received your application, not that your application was submitted to the University of California program.

If you are only applying to CMU's program and receive a University of California-specific prompt, please disregard those University of California-specific prompts.