Carnegie Mellon University

Science, Technology & Public Policy

Students pursuing an additional major in Science, Technology and Public Policy (STPP) must complete three sets of requirements: courses for the STPP additional major, courses for their traditional disciplinary major, and general education courses. Students should work with their advisors to determine how to best fit the additional major requirements into their course load.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please schedule an appointment with Deanna Matthews, Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs.

Course Requirements

Introductory Courses

19-101      Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy

19-201      EPP Sophomore Seminar

Core Area Courses

73-100      Principles of Economics

Statistics course — one of the following

36-220      Engineering Statistics and Quality Control

36-226      Introduction to Statistical Inference

73-407      Fundamentals of Statistical Modeling
                or other approved statistics course

Decision Science elective (one of the following, or other approved course)

19-301     Decision Making Methods for EPP

88-223     Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems

88-302     Behavioral Decision Making

EPP Writing and Communications (one of the following, or other approved course)

15-221     Technical Communication for Computer Scientists

19-325     Writing for Policy

76-270     Writing for the Professions

76-271     Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing

Technology-Policy Electives

At least 3 courses of EPP Technology-Policy electives (24 units minimum)

Capstone Courses

19-351      Applied Methods for Technology-Policy Analysis

19-451      EPP Projects (taken twice)
or 19-452