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Intercultural Communication Center  

Our mission is (1) to provide support to help nonnative English speakers (NNES) improve the language and cultural skills needed to succeed in their academic programs; (2) to help international teaching assistants (ITAs) and faculty develop the skills they need to provide effective instruction in the US; and (3) to help both the university and departments identify and respond to the changing needs of nonnative English speakers and international students.


Who Can Use The Intercultural Communication Center
ICC services are available to Carnegie Mellon University students and faculty.

We provide the following links for the wider community:
> International Faculty
> Resources for CMU Administrators
> Exchange Students
> Visiting Scholars
> ESL Resources in Pittsburgh

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> Vice Provost for Education
> Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
> Office of International Education
> Global Communication Center
> Professional Communication for Researchers

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