Carnegie Mellon University

Remote Instruction for ICC

ITA Certification

Signing up for the ITA Test will continue to be completed as before via the  ITA Certification Application page. The test itself will be conducted remotely via Zoom,  and a calendar invite will be provided to the test takers. Feedback will be provided during a separate Zoom appointment.

The ITA TOEFL certification option will continue as before with the process unchanged.


Signing up for Language Support classes will remain unchanged and can be completed via the Class Registration page. The workshops and seminars themselves will be held remotely via Zoom, and a calendar invite will be provided to students who register. The Calendar listings will also be updated to include Zoom links to allow for drop-in attendance.

1-on-1 Meetings

Appointments for 1-on-1 meetings will be able to be made on the 1-on-1 Consultation page by selecting an appointment slot on the calendar embedded there. These meetings will be held in Zoom, and a calendar invite will be provided.