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Peter Tschofen speaks at Austrian Ministry

PhD Student Peter Tschofen speaks at Austrian Ministry

Lucas Valone
  • Engineering and Public Policy

On Friday, June 14, 2019 Engineering and Public Policy PhD student and CEDM affiliate, Peter Tschofen, spoke at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT), which is responsible for, “key quality-of-life issues and for questions which are essential in creating a livable future for our children.”

Tschofen visited the Ministry to speak about his recently published paper Fine Particulate Matter Damages and Value Added in the United States Economy, which was also co-authored by Inês Azevedo and Nick MullerHe presented the methods and results of the paper and spoke about where future research could be headed based upon the outcome of their paper. In the audience were ministry employees, environmental agency members, and Vienna Technical University (TU) affiliates.

Upon reflecting on his talk, Tschofen said it was, “very interesting to see the differences in attitudes towards regulation between the EU and the US and to hear other expert perspectives on methods that are commonly used here in the US.”