Carnegie Mellon University
September 17, 2019

Morgan and Abdulla study on nuclear power quoted

Vox article analyzing the debate over nuclear power and climate change, in response to the CNN climate forum with Democratic presidential candidates, referenced a study co-authored by EPP’s Granger Morgan and Ahmed Abdulla about nuclear energy.

The article quotes the study to explain how the nuclear power industry is unable to compete in the energy market unless it is significantly subsidized through government policy: “There is no reason to believe that any utility in the United States will build a new large reactor in the foreseeable future. These reactors have proven unaffordable and economically uncompetitive. In the few markets with the will to build them, they have proven to be unconstructible. The combination of political instruments and market developments that would render them attractive, such as investment and production credits, robust carbon pricing, and high natural gas costs, is unlikely to materialize soon."