Carnegie Mellon University
May 20, 2018

Commencement 2018

EPP Commencement 2018

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering & Public Policy

  • Jaime Bonnin Roca**
    Thesis: Leaders and followers: challenges and opportunities in the adoption of metal additive manufacturing technologies
  • Travis Carless 
    Thesis: Framing a New Nuclear Renaissance Through Environmental Competitiveness, Community Characteristics, and Cost Mitigation Through Passive Safety
  • Rebecca Ciez 
    Thesis: Battery energy storage for maturing markets: performance, cost, perceptions, and environmental impacts
  • Michael Craig**
    Thesis: Economic and Environmental Costs, Benefits, and Trade-offs of Low-Carbon Technologies in the Electric Power Sector
  • Barry Dewitt** 
    Thesis: Measurement of Health-Related Quality of Life: Preference Aggregation, Exclusion, and Public Policy
  • Michael Fisher**
    Thesis: Integrating Demand-Side Resources intothe Electric Grid: Economic and Environmental Considerations    
  • Yu Gan**
    Thesis: Assessing impacts of mineral and hydrocarbon resources exploitation and consumption
  • Daniel Gingerich*
    Thesis: Evaluating and Avoiding Risk Tradeoffs in Water Treatment   
  • Hassan Khan**
    Thesis: Scaling Moore's Wall: Existing Institutions and the End of a Technology Paradigm
  • Manuel Loureiro**
    Thesis: Transmission and interconnection planning in power systems: Contributions to investment under uncertainty and cross-border cost allocation
  • Sonia Mangones Matos*
    Thesis: Impacts on safety and air pollution from transportation policies in Bogota, Colombia
  • Serban Mogos**
    Thesis: High Growth Entrepreneurship: A Multi-Level Perspective on Firm Growth and Growth Policy
  • Emmanuel Owusu***
    Thesis: Fog Mediate Security in the Internet of Things 
  • Jose Prada**
    Thesis: Ensuring the Reliable Operation of the Power Grid: State-Based and Distributed Approaches to Scheduling Energy and Contingency Reserves
  • Paul Welle*
    Thesis: Remotely Sensed Data for High Resolution Agro-Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Baojiang Yang
    Thesis: Essays on Telecommunications Management: Understanding Consumer Switch, Search and Purchase Behaviors

Master of Science – Engineering & Public Policy

  • Gerad Freeman
  • Michael Metcalf*
  • Logan Warberg**

Master of Science – E&TIM Dual Degree

  • Ridha Al Abbas (CEE)
  • Zizhao Chen(CEE)
  • Gus Lee Jenkins (ECE)
  • Hong Jin (MEG)
  • Heng Li (MSE)
  • Bo-Cheng Lin (BME)
  • Daniel Walter Peppler (MSE)
  • Amanda Sari Perez (BME)
  • Apurva Ajit Pradhan (CHE)
  • Sakhi Ritesh Shah (CEE)
  • Pranav Sivadas Menon (CHE)
  • Uxue Zurutuza Dorronsoro (ECE)

Master of Science – E&TIM

  • James J. Boyle**
  • Hope Dohner**
  • Rachel Sarah Gertler
  • Grant Andrew Halleran**
  • Nihal Hassan**
  • Harsha Lakshmi Vijay Konda**
  • Siri Katrina Maley**
  • Nithin Nandakumar**
  • Hemalathaa Poovayarkarasi Subramanian**
  • Shruti Jayaram Prabhu**
  • Elizabeth Lauren Ralph**
  • Aishwarya Shivkumar**
  • Carter DeCew Tiernan**
  • Pengkai Xia**
  • Di Yu**

Bachelor of Science

Chemical Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy
  • Gabriela Cach
  • Tanvi Joshi
  • Velisa Li
  • Jazmin Rocha
  • Cheyenne Shankle
  • Nathan Wu

Civil Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy

  • Julissa Cruz
  • Keval Gala
  • Sebastian Hernandez
  • Emmett Horton
  • Emma Hoskins
  • Allen Khariton**
  • Joseph Kim
  • Tyler Kohman
  • Anthony Paone
  • Lara Seren

Materials Science & Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy
  • Stacy Chang
Mechanical Engineering / Engineering & Public Policy
  • Anirudh (Andy) Birla**
  • Ana Cedillo
  • Anthony Donatelli**
  • Rhiannon Farney
  • Kai Hernandez
  • Isabel Roscoe
  • Rodrigo Royo

Technology & Policy Minor

  • Ruoshu (Rosa) Liu (Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Thomas Preite (David A. Tepper School of Business)***

Bachelor of Science: Technology, Public Policy and the Human Experience

  • Symone Lessington

*Degree awarded August 2017, **Degree awarded December 2017, ***Degree to be awarded August 2018