Carnegie Mellon University
June 06, 2018

Armanios receives two awards from Industry Studies Association

Daniel Armanios ISA AwardsEmerging Scholar in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award

The award is supported by the generosity of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and seeks to recognize an early or mid-career industry studies scholar conducting exceptional research in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship.  As is consistent with Industry Studies work generally, it is expected that the work of the award winner will demonstrate significant personal investment in understanding the markets, firms, and institutions of an industry and will frequently involve the integration of direct observation through field based research with appropriate theory and analysis.

2. Giarratani Rising Star Award Runner-Up 
Junior scholars are invited to submit one paper to which they have made a significant contribution to be considered for the Giarratani Rising Star Award.  The submissions are evaluated based on two criteria: a) Significant personal investment in developing an understanding of the markets, firms and institutions of an industry or industries; b) Involvement of the integration of direct interaction and observation with appropriate theory and analysis
Here is the program with those announcements: