Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Visual Media

The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Visual Media (BAFVM) major trains students through a combination of coursework in visual media, film history and analysis, screenwriting, and production of film and other visual media. The English Department is an ideal home for the Film and Visual Media major due to the department’s combination of creative writers, film and media studies scholars, film makers, digital humanities and visual communication researchers. Over the past decades, in the field of English Studies and in the Humanities at large, there has been increasingly more interest in media beyond print, with the moving picture occupying a central place. 

Carnegie Mellon has historically been a leader in developing innovative interdisciplinary curricula that ground research and scholarship in a culture of making, and is ideally suited to offer undergraduate education in this complex interdisciplinary area of scholarship and production. 

Learning Objectives

This major offers a comprehensive education in film and visual media, from theoretical framing and historical-cultural contextualization to training skills in both creating and analyzing film, and developing a complex blend of creative, professional, and technical competencies. Focus areas include:

  • Cultural and Historical Analysis of Film and Visual Media
  • Writing 
  • Production
  • Courses in Digital Media 

Structure and Resources

Please check this page by mid-March 2019 for more information on this major's courses, faculty, and requirements. The major has 12 required courses (108 units). Students have a wide variety of electives to choose from and can focus these electives on particular periods, genres, or national cultures. Students also have the option of completing an internship (with Steeltown Entertainment, WQED, the Dennis Theatre, and other local organizations) or pursuing an honors thesis.  

Film and Media Studies Minor

Dietrich College also already offers an interdepartmental Film and Media Studies minor, which is administered by the English Department and draws on the expertise and teaching of faculty in other departments as well, especially History and Modern Languages.