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Student Leadership, Involvement,
and Civic Engagement (SLICE)


We are pleased to launch the new Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement, which we fondly refer to as SLICE. The creation of this new department brings together three teams, Student Activities, Greek Life, and Civic Engagement, in an effort to create a more holistic metacurricular experience for our undergraduate and graduate students.

The creation of SLICE is reflective of the Division of Student Affairs’ ambition to prioritize the values of leadership and civic engagement, infusing them throughout a student’s involvement in arenas such as their student organizations, Greek organizations, and residential communities. We look forward to leveraging our collective passion for facilitating the growth and development of our students, expertise in supporting students in their efforts to shape their own CMU experience, and knowledge of the CMU community to create diverse involvement opportunities that will deeply engage students in the Carnegie Mellon community and beyond. 


Liz Vaughan                         
Director of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Jesse Koch
Associate Director of Greek Life

Elizabeth Rapoport
Associate Director of Student Activities

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