Carnegie Mellon University

January Shopping Hours

Thursdays | 5:30p – 7:30p 

Fridays | 2:00p - 4:00p

Saturdays | 11:00a - 1:00p

Food insecurity is a concerning and well-documented issue facing colleges and universities nationwide.

After learning of the impact of food insecurity at CMU, campus leaders quickly mobilized to address this issue for our students. The Carnegie Mellon Pantry, or the CMU Pantry, opened its doors to all CMU students in the Residence on Fifth in Oakland in November 2018.

The CMU Pantry is a resource for undergraduate and graduate students to help combat food insecurity on campus. Non-perishable food items and fresh produce will be available to all students who visit the CMU Pantry.


In January 2017, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB) commissioned the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Child Development to conduct a study, Needs Assessment of Collegiate Food Insecurity in SW Pennsylvania: The Campus Cupboard Study, to examine food insecurity among students at the 11 institutions of higher education in the greater Pittsburgh area, including Carnegie Mellon. CMU’s October 2017 launch of the survey revealed that 19% of Carnegie Mellon students were identified as being food insecure.

Also in fall 2017, the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) had already identified concerns among the graduate student body and formed the Basic Needs Working Group to better understand these needs and propose solutions. The Working Group chose to focus on food insecurity in its inaugural year. The group's significant efforts, research, and resulting food pantry proposal were not only critical to raising awareness of this issue across campus, but also positioned these individuals as key contributors and knowledgeable drivers of the Campus Food Insecurity Committee that was subsequently formed in spring 2018 to examine the results of the Campus Cupboard Study. The committee consisted of 14 members, more than one third of whom were from the Basic Needs Working Group.

The Campus Food Insecurity Committee identified that current resources were not sufficient to address the level of food insecurity on campus. The committee agreed that an on-campus pantry would most effectively, and immediately, address food security amongst students, making its creation a priority.


What to Expect

First Time Visitor

You will complete registration forms that consist of questions focusing on demographics. One of our trained volunteers will assist you with any questions as you register.

After your registration is complete, you will be guided through the Pantry by a volunteer. The volunteer will show you where different types of items are located as listed on our Shopping List.

To check out, you will bring your bagged items to the front desk where they will be weighed and your visit will be logged.

Returning Shopper

When you arrive at the Pantry, check in with one of the volunteers. You will not need to register again. Volunteers can help you identify any special items that have arrived while you are shopping and suggest recipes or special uses for the items that are in stock.

To check out, you will bring your bagged items to the front desk where they will be weighed and your visit will be logged.

Shopping List

Shopping lists are designed to help shoppers make healthy choices to supplement their diets for the two week interval between Pantry visits. The list represents the maximum a shopper can take within that category.

Additional lists for households of more than one or individuals with dietary restrictions are available at the Pantry for use during your shopping trip.


Directions to the Pantry

Pedestrian Directions

From the Cohon Center, travel down Morewood Avenue and turn left on Fifth Avenue. At the intersection of Neville Street and Fifth Avenue, The Residence on Fifth will be on your left. Alternately, a cut through at the back of the Tepper parking lot, which passes next to the WQED building, gets you to Fifth Avenue. Then, turn left toward the intersection of Fifth and Neville.

Bus Route Directions

Use PAT bus stops (#1175 and #1169, outbound and inbound respectively) where the 71B and 71D routes stop at the corner of Neville Street and Fifth Avenue, where the Residence on Fifth is located.