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Dietrich College Summer Internship Opportunity Grants

Dietrich College encourages its undergraduate students to find and undertake professionally relevant and meaningful summer internship opportunities. We understand that many of these opportunities are unpaid or, at best, provide minimal compensation. Yet it is often these very positions that provide students with work experiences that are invaluable in helping them define and move forward toward their career goals.

We have instituted the Dietrich College Summer Internship Opportunity Grants Program to make it more possible for our undergraduate students to take advantage of less remunerative but worthwhile summer internship opportunities. The goal of the program is to minimize or eliminate any out-of-pocket costs to students who receive and accept an offer from such an internship sponsor, and particularly for students who would not be able to participate in a low- or unpaid summer internship without this support. Grants of up to $2,000 per internship are available.

Students may submit applications in Handshake (the recruiting platform for the Career and Professional Development Center [“CPDC”]) beginning Friday, February 24, 2017.

The Process in Five Steps

Eligibility for Students and Internships

Student Responsibilities

Finding an Internship

How to Apply


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