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October 17, 2017

Better by Change, Not by Chance: A Message from the Chair

By Tim Leonard

“Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.” a quote by American business philosopher Jim Rohn.

We are in the midst of one of the most significant, yet obscure, periods of change in our community: the search for the next president of Carnegie Mellon University. While this process may invoke a sense of uncertainty in some, this is still one of the best times to be at CMU.

As Staff Council Chair, I am confident that CMU is moving in the right direction. We have a talented and progressive leadership team at the helm. We pressed through a multi-year period of introspection which yielded the Strategic Plan 2025. We are also undergoing a rigorous assessment to re-accredit the university. But most importantly, we have you and the 4,300 plus other members of staff who serve as the backbone of this institution.

However, change is happening all around us, and I encourage you to welcome it into your work life. The university is seeing unparalleled growth in so many areas and staff can benefit immensely if we embrace it.

Get involved. Invest your time. Become a part of the community. You play an integral role at CMU, so share your experience and take part in mine. Network with colleagues and step outside of your comfort zone. Make your voice heard so that, together, we can make CMU one of the best places to work.  

You may have heard of the task force for the CMU Experience that was started by former-president Subra Suresh. While that task force and Staff Council continue to do tremendous work to improve the staff experience, we still need you to get us there. Start by making change in your own circle of influence. What can you do today that will better your experience tomorrow? What small change can you make to positively impact someone else?

We are a large constituency of this university, and we are spread out across the Pittsburgh and the globe! Let’s not lose site that we play a critical role at CMU and that we have the power to make our own change.

The Staff Voice serves as a newsletter for Staff Council related initiatives. Let it also serve as a reminder for you to get involved in matters related to staff and the university community. Come to one of our monthly meetings. Join one of our committees. Voice your concerns or ideas to one of your representatives. As the staff collective, your input and involvement matter most, especially during times of change.

Forever plaid,

Tim Leonard
Staff Council Chair, 2017-2018