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Articles of Incorporation

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The Articles of Incorporation is a legal document filed with the state to create a corporation. The Articles state the purpose of a corporation and provide a broad framework for its operation and governance. They include basic information about the corporation such as its legal name, address, registered agent, and tax status. The Articles are supplemented by the Bylaws of the corporation. The Bylaws spell out the details of how the corporation is to be run and must be consistent with the Articles of Incorporation.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau and Department of Education. Any change to the Articles must be approved by the Carnegie Mellon Board of Trustees and the Department of Education and filed with the Corporation Bureau.

The Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws are the two primary governing documents for the university.

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1. Name

2. Registered Office

3. Purpose

4. Pecuniary Gain or Profit

5. Non-stock Basis

6. Members

7. Management

8. Exempt Organization

9. Earnings

10. Degree Granting Authority

11. Endowment Requirements

12. Faculty Requirements

13. Undergraduate Admission Requirements

14. Courses of Study

15. Dissolution

16. Code