Carnegie Mellon University

Sexual Misconduct Policy (Interim)

Policy Title Sexual Misconduct Policy (Interim)
Policy Owner Provost
Responsible Office Office for Institutional Equity and Title IX
Contact Information Questions about policy content and process, as well as any reports of alleged violations of this policy may be directed to the Office for Institutional Equity and Title IX.
Pertinent Dates Effective August 14, 2020; updated March 10, 2022; administrative updates were made on January 3, 2024
Approved By This Policy was approved by the president on July 28, 2020 based on the recommendation of the University Leadership Council. This policy replaces and supersedes the university’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy that was adopted on April 11, 2013.
Entities Affected by this Policy All units of the university
Who Needs to Know about this Policy All students, staff and faculty
Definitions See Definitions in Section IX of this Policy
Related Policies and Procedures

This Policy defines prohibited sexual misconduct and describes procedures for reporting concerns or allegations, investigating and adjudicating allegations and taking disciplinary or other corrective actions when a violation is found to have occurred.


  1. Policy Statement
  2. Jurisdiction
  3. Prohibited Conduct
  4. Reporting
    1. How to Make a Report
    2. Anonymous Reporting
    3. Reports to Law Enforcement
  5. How the University Responds to Reports
    1. Supportive Measures
    2. Support and Resources
  6. How a Complaint is Resolved
    1. Filing a Formal Complaint
    2. Investigation Procedures
    3. Adjudication Procedures for Federal Rule Sexual Misconduct
    4. Appeal Procedures for Federal Rule Sexual Misconduct
    5. Adjudication Procedures for Other Prohibited Conduct
    6. Possible Outcomes & Sanctions from Adjudication
    7. Alternative Resolutions
    8. Student Emergency Removal
  7. Additional Information about Reporting
    1. How the Title IX Coordinator and University Police Share Information about Prohibited Conduct with Each Other
    2. Time Frame for Reporting an Incident to the University
    3. Information on Amnesty to Students When Reporting Prohibited Conduct to the University
  8. Obligations of University Employees
  9. Definitions
    1. Sexual Misconduct Definitions
      1. Prohibited Conduct
      2. Sexual Harassment
      3. Sexual Assault
      4. Dating Violence
      5. Domestic Violence
      6. Stalking
      7. Sexual Exploitation
      8. Retaliation
    2. Definitions Relating to Consent
      1. Consent
      2. Force
      3. Coercion
      4. Incapacitation
      5. Capacity
    3. Policy Definitions
      1. Actual Knowledge
      2. Advisor
      3. Complainant
      4. Employee
      5. Faculty / Faculty Member
      6. Federal Rule Sexual Misconduct
      7. Formal Complaint
      8. Other Prohibited Conduct
      9. Reasonable Person
      10. Respondent
      11. Responsible Employee
      12. Staff / Staff Member
      13. Student
      14. University Community
      15. University’s Programs or Activities
      16. Violation of Protective Measures

Appendix A: Possible Sanctions and Remedies

Appendix B: Expert Witness Testimony