Carnegie Mellon University

Our educational programs rest on four pillars:

  • A rigorous, yet flexible curriculum
  • A community of faculty and students
  • Professional and caring advising
  • Enriching research experiences
Microscopy lab
Rigorous, yet flexible curriculum

Rigorous & Flexible Curriculum

We provide physics majors with opportunities to satisfy their basic curiosity about nature, to sense the excitement that drives scientific discovery and to gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen careers with a physicist's unique approach to solving disciplinary and multidisciplinary problems.

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Discuss ideas

Community of Faculty and Students

Student clubs, regular social get-togethers of students and faculty and annual special events all provide a community where students find support, encouragement and relaxation.

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Student Advising

All students know that they have faculty advisors and faculty friends who are willing to provide advice on academic and other issues.

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Student Research

Research Experience

Student research is an essential part of life in our department. Faculty and students join in pushing the frontiers of science.

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Teaching Awards

Our faculty are dedicated to providing our students with a great educational experience. One sign of this dedication is the many educational awards our faculty have won.

The William H. and Frances S. Ryan Award for Meritorious Teaching:

  • Barry Luokkala, 2020
  • Curtis Meyer, 2008
  • Thomas Ferguson, 1998 (emeritus)
  • Helmut Vogel, 1989
  • Robert Kraemer, 1982 (emeritus)
  • Robert Eisenstein, 1979 (emeritus)

The Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Advising and Mentoring

  • Stephen Garoff, 2002
  • Sara Majetich, 2000

The Mark Gelfand Service Award for Educational Outreach

  • Leonard Kisslinger, 2009 (emeritus)

The Richard Moore Education Award for Outstanding Contributions and Dedication to Excellence in Education

  • Stephen Garoff, 2018
  • Helmuth Vogel, 2015
  • Gregg Franklin, 2013
  • Richard Holman, 2010 (emeritus)
  • Hugh Young, 1998 (deceased)

The Julius Ashkin Teaching Award for Unusual Devotion and Effectiveness in Undergraduate Education

  • Hael Collins, 2018
  • David Anderson, 2017
  • Robert Swendsen, 2014
  • Curtis Meyer, 2006
  • Barry Luokkala, 2001
  • Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood, 1999 (emeriti)
  • Sara Majetich, 1997
  • Reinhard Schumacher, 1995
  • Helen Goldberg, 1992 (deceased)
  • Thomas Ferguson, 1990 (emeritus)
  • Helmut Vogel, 1988
  • Robert Kraemer, 1983 (emeritus)
  • Julius Ashkin, 1981 (deceased)

The Hugh Young Graduate Student Teaching Award

  • Siddharth Sapathy, 2017
  • Samuel Rauhala, 2010
  • Ben Beppler, 2009
  • Daniel Hennessey, 2004
  • Andrew Harey, 2001
  • Brain Diggs, 1999
  • Shubo Banerjee, 1998
  • Elaine Brunsman Kirkpatrick, 1995