Carnegie Mellon University

Di Xiao

Associate Professor

Condensed Matter Theory

Wean Hall 6418

assistant: THERESA GABRIELLI, 412-268-8367

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Prof. Di Xiao

Education & Professional Experience

PhD: University of Texas (2007)
B.S.: Peking University (China), Physics (2001)

Honors and Awards:
Cottrell Scholar, 2016

Curriculum ViTAE

Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, 2016–
Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012–16
Staff Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2010–12
Post-doctoral Research: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2008–09
Post-doctoral Research: University of Texas, 2007

Research Interests

My research interests lie in quantum condensed matter theory. One major direction of my research is to understand and predict material properties (transport, magnetic, and optical) from the viewpoint of Berry phase and topology. In particular, I’m interested in topological phenomena arising from spin-orbit coupling and many-body interactions. These phenomena are often characterized by novel electromagnetic responses, which may be useful for applications in quantum electronics and quantum computing.

Selected Publications

S. Wu , L.Wang, Y. Lai, W. Shan, G. Aivazian, X. Zhang, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, D. Xiao, Multiple hot-carrier collection in photo-excited graphene Moiré superlattices, Science Advances 2, 5 (2016)

Jianhui Zhou, Wen-Yu Shan, Wang Yao, Di Xiao, Berry Phase Modification to the Energy Spectrum of ExcitonsPhysical Review Letters 115, 166803 (2015) 

Mengqiao Sui et al., Gate-tunable topological valley transport in bilayer grapheneNature Physics (2015) 

Fengnian Xia, Han Wang, Di Xiao, Madan Dubey, Ashwin Ramasubramaniam, Two-dimensional material nanophotonicsNature Photon 8, 899 (2014) 

N. Sivadas, H. Dixit, Valentino R. Cooper, Di Xiao, Thickness-dependent carrier density at the surface SrTiO3 (111) slabsPhys. Rev. B 89, 75303 (2014)

Sanfeng Wu et al., Electrical tuning of valley magnetic moment through symmetry control in bilayer MoS2Nature Physics 9, 149 (2013) 

Hai-Zhou Lu, Wang Yao, Di Xiao, Shun-Qing Shen, Intervalley Scattering and Localization Behaviors of Spin-Valley Coupled Dirac FermionsPhysical Review Letters 110, 016806 (2013)

Hualing Zeng, Junfeng Dai, Wang Yao, Di Xiao, Xiaodong Cui, Valley polarization in MoS2 monolayers by optical pumpingNature Nanotechnology 7, 490 (2012)

Wanxiang Feng, Yugui Yao, Wenguang Zhu, Jinjian Zhou, Wang Yao, Di Xiao, Intrinsic spin Hall effect in monolayers of group-VI dichalcogenides: A first-principles studyPhysical Review B 86, 165108 (2012)

Di Xiao, Gui-Bin Liu, Wanxiang Feng, Xiaodong Xu, Wang Yao, Coupled spin and valley physics in monolayers of MoS2 and other group-VI dichalcogenidesPhysical Review Letters 108, 196802 (2012)

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