Carnegie Mellon University

Jeffrey B. Peterson

Professor of Physics

Astrophysics & Cosmology
Wean Hall 8418


Prof. Jeff Peterson

Education & Professional Experience

PhD: UC Berkeley

Professor of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2003–
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, 1993–2003
Assistant Professor, Princeton University, 1985–93

Research Interests

My research group designs and builds novel radio telescopes at some of the world's quietest sites. These are used to study dark energy, which is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate, to search for mysterious distant Fast Radio Bursts, and to search for the turn-on of the first stars to form after the Big Bang. The telescope designs include cylindrical reflectors, huge arrays of satellite dishes, and ultra-precise multi-octave spectrometers. Telescope sites used by the team include Isla Guadalupe, off Mexico, Marion Island, 2000 km south of South Africa, the Xin-Jiang region of China, and Klerefonteine, South Africa. Past work by the team includes Cosmic Microwave telescopes at the South Pole, including White Dish, Python, Viper and ACBAR, which were used to determine the total mass of all contents of the Universe, in effect weighing the Universe.

Selected Publications

RAC Croft, J. Miralda-Escude, Z. Zheng, A. Bolton, KS Dawson, JB Peterson, Large-scale clustering of Lyman alpha emission intensity from SDSS/BOSS, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 457, 3541 (2016)

K Masui, HH Lin, J Sievers, CJ Anderson, TC Chang, XL Chen, A Ganguly, M Jarvis, CY Kuo, YC Li, YW Liao, M McLaughlin, UL Pen, JB Peterson, Dense magnetized plasma associated with a fast radio burst, Nature 528, 523 (2015)

TC Voytek, A Natarajan, JM Jáuregui García, JB Peterson, O López-Cruz, Probing the dark ages at z  20: the SCI-HI 21 cm All-Sky Spectrum ExperimentThe Astrophysical Journal 782, L9 (2014)

A Natarajan, JB Peterson, TC Voytek, Bounds on dark matter properties from radio observations of Ursa Major II using the Green Bank Telescope, Physical Review D 88, 082535 (2013)

G Paciga, TC Chang, Y Gupta, R Nityanada, J Odegova, UL Pen, JB Peterson, J Roy, K Sigurdson, The GMRT Epoch of Reionization experiment: a new upper limit on the neutral hydrogen power spectrum at z ≈ 8.6Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 413, 1174 (2011)

J Roy, Y Gupta, UL Pen, JB Peterson, S Kudale, J Kodilkar, A real-time software backend for the GMRTExperimental Astronomy 28, 25 (2010)

TC Chang, UL Pen, K Bandura, JB Peterson, An intensity map of hydrogen 21-cm emission at redshift z ≈ 0.8Nature 466, 463 (2010)

CT Li et al., AMiBA wideband analog correlatorThe Astrophysical Journal 716, 746 (2010)

UL Pen, TC Chang, CM Hirata, JB Peterson, J Roy, Y Gupta, J Odegova, K Sigurdson, The GMRT EoR experiment: limits on polarized sky brightness at 150 MHzMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 399, 181 (2009)

PTP Ho et al., The Yuan-Tseh Lee array for microwave background anisotropyThe Astrophysical Journal 694, 1610 (2009)

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